Kava is a herbal drink that many people use for boosting their sleep, and assisting in relieving anxiety and stress. However, there are two schools of thought regarding its positive and negative impacts. But according to research, Noble Kava is relatively well tolerated and non-addictive if taken in an appropriate form and dosage.

There has been some concern about the liver disease when Kava is taken regularly in excess amounts, exceeding traditional consumption, but there has been no particular evidence to support this statement with Noble Kava.

In this article, we will discuss certain types of Kava with their specific impacts.

The two most common types of Kava you will see on the internet:

  • Noble Kava
  • Two Day Kava (Tudei Kava)

Noble Kava

Noble Kava is suitable for drinking as part of a daily routine. You will find Noble Kava served at most Kava bars, cafes and lounges. Noble Kava is short-acting and is an excellent representation of Kava because it is not too heavy and doesn’t have long-lasting sedative effects.

Noble Kava has been traditionally consumed regularly in its place of origin due to its rich taste and lower possibility of negative impacts. Noble Kavas have a perfect amalgamation of Kavalactones that assist in pleasant experiences. Noble Kavas has a low concentration of Dihydromethysticin (DHM) and Dihydrokavain (DHK) that are thought to produce unwanted side effects.

Tudei Kava

Tudei Kava is a potent but unwanted, and is often a label put on Kava coming from plants that are too young. Due to its potent nature, it is prohibited for international export. Its side effects include nausea, headaches, and potentially liver damage. It is powerful enough that its impact can last for about 48 hours. 

Some companies claim there are misconceptions about Tudei Kava. However, it is said that the Kavalactone triterpenes present in the roots of Tudei Kava plant can cause liver damage. Whereas, some studies show Kavalactones are safe, the ones that are found in Tudei kava are not. If the Tudei Kava is to be consumed, it should be prescribed by a doctor.

There are specific use cases for Tudei Kava, but we recommend staying with Noble Kava, even if you have access to Tudei Kava somehow.

Different Forms of Kava

There are other different types of Kava available to enjoy the relaxing and refreshing effects of Kava.

Aqueous Kava

This is the most common Kava used worldwide. Many people prepare aqueous Kava by adding warm or cold water which suspends Kavalactones. If you prepare aqueous Kava yourself, it may vary in ratio/potency and taste as well. 

Kava Extracts

Kava extracts are extracted from dried roots and are usually a very bright yellow color resembling pollen. We believe this is slightly dangerous only because it’s an extract that requires extra attention. Companies implement extracts in juices and are becoming more famous worldwide as people are sugary sodas and energy drink options.

Kavalactone Paste

Kavalactone paste is another Kava form. It is usually quite expensive due to its highly concentrated amount of Kavalactones.

Kava Capsules

Some people don’t enjoy the taste, so they prefer taking capsules rather than enjoying the traditional drink. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND CAPSULES!

The reason we do not recommend nor sell capsules is that we try to stick with the known methods of preparation. There have been reports of people having stomach issues and liver damage due to capsules. We do not have concrete proof for this, but we speculate that it may be due to ingesting the actual kava root or plant fibers rather than washing and suspending the kavalactones in water.

Kava Tea

Kava tea is the widely used type of Kava all over the world. It is prepared with either water, milk, coconut milk, and in some cases with juices. When the grounded Kava is put into boiling water, it loses its active ingredient’s nutritional value. 

Final Words

Whatever your favorite form of Kava is, we’re all brought together by our love of Kava. Make a drink and enjoy! Bula!

You can enjoy any variety of Kava based on personal preference. Our store offers a wide range of Kava and a starter pack for Kava lovers. 


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