Traditional vs Micronized Kava

There are a lot of questions people ask about traditional and micronized Kavas. Most people want to know about the difference between traditional and micronized Kavas. Some people even question the difference in taste and potency of Kava depending on the type of Kava they consume. These kinds of questions are normally asked by Kava beginners.

Here we are going to discuss the major differences between a traditional and micronized kava. 

Traditional Kava

Traditional Kava had significant importance in the past and was considered a royal drink as well. The process of preparation of Kava is known as grog. It is made by crushing the root of the plant and is then strained with water. Kava is used as a stress reliever and relaxant.


There are two methods to prepare traditional kawa; one is the traditional method and the other is the quick blender method. 

For the traditional method, the desired amount of Kava is added to the bag and is placed into a bowl. Warm water is added to the bowl to loosen the tough fibers for a few minutes. After this, the strainer is twisted and from time to time the powder is kneaded. After a few minutes, you’ll get muddy brown-colored water and that’s the traditional Kava.

The other method of preparing the traditional Kava is to add 2 to 4 tablespoons of Kava in warm water, blend it for approximately 3 to 4 minutes and then strain it using a cloth strainer and your Kava is ready.

Best Way to Drink

The best way to drink traditional Kava is to have it with some Kava chasers. The Kava chasers can be slices of fruit, juice, or herbal teas. It should be kept in mind that Kava should not be prepared with hot water as hot water ruins the effect of Kava.

Effect and Strength

The reason for the consumption of Kava is to relax the body and reduce stress. It is due to the presence of Kavalactones in the roots of the plant. The strength and effect of Kava depend on the concentration of Kavalactones present in that Kava. 

The traditional Kava is finely strained in order to prevent any insoluble content and thus it takes more time to show its effects and is less strong than micronized Kava.

Preparation Time

Traditional Kava preparation takes more time as compared to all the other Kavas. It takes between 15 to 20 minutes to prepare a traditional Kava.

Micronized Kava

For micronized Kava, the roots of the plants are broken down and crushed into very small particles to make finely ground powder and then the powder is ready to be mixed with any likely beverage or water depending on the choice of the Kava drinker.

It is not mandatory to strain the micronized kava but one should keep in mind that the insoluble Kava’s active ingredients are still there in the powder. 


When it comes to the preparation of Kava, micronized Kava is just like making instant coffee. You can select your favorite beverage and add the desired amount of micronized powder and that’s it. The amount of powder depends on the personal preference of the person but 10g of Kava is considered suitable for a single serving. 

Best Way to Drink

The taste of Kava is bitter and muddy so most people want to add some flavor. The best way to drink micronized Kava is to mix the powder in different beverages like coconut milk or other juices depending on the choice of the drinker to get the beneficial effects of Kava and overcome the original bitter and pungent taste of Kava.

Effect and Strength

In micronized Kava, the root of the Kava plant is crushed into granules resulting in the release of Kavalactones from the fiber of the roots. The output is a stronger Kava as compared to all the other Kava types. 

The active Kavalactones mix more with water and more Kava comes near the absorptive lining of the digestive tract. In this way, more Kavalactones enter the bloodstream and produce faster effects.

Moreover, the amount of micronized Kava powder to be added to the beverage results in the higher and lower strength of Kava.

Time Consumption

Micronized Kava is the easiest to prepare with a stronger effect as compared to all the other Kavas and is simple to make just like an instant coffee. All you need is warm water and mix the micronized Kava powder in it and enjoy the muddy flavor of Kava. Micronized Kava preparation takes less than a minute saving time with great effect.


People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to Kava. But if we compare and differentiate the traditional and micronized Kava then micronized Kava fulfills the purpose of Kava in less time and easy way.

Moreover, the duration and strength of micronized Kava are better than the traditional Kava so more people prefer micronized Kava.

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