People use Kava in different forms. Many people like to go through the preparation process of traditional kava, while some like to save time and prefer instant Kava. The main effects of Kava depend on the strength and effectiveness of the plant, cultivar, and the consumption method of Kava.

Despite the slightly bitter flavor of Kava, people like to have it as a refreshing drink. The specific effect of Kava is to reduce stress, relax the body and mind without disturbing the mental awareness and senses. 

Different people prefer to have Kava in different ways. Let’s have a look at the differences between traditional Kava and Instant Kava.

Traditional Kava

Traditional Kava is different from coffee and tea, but even within its own type of plant, it is different from micronized and instant Kava. Unlike other Kavas, while preparing traditional grind Kava, we can not simply brew or dissolve the roots in water. 

Kavalactones, the active ingredients of Kavas, are insoluble in water. So, in traditional Kava preparation, the roots are first ground and soaked in water in order to separate the particles, then softened and hydrated accordingly. In this way, Kavalactones get separated and suspended in the water giving the desired effect of Kava. Imagine tiny little oil-based droplets suspended in water, that’s what the Kavalactones act like in water.

The other way to prepare traditional Kava is to blend it in water for 4 minutes and then add coconut oil to extract insoluble ingredients and then strain it using a strainer bag.

Most people believe that pouring hot water or boiling Kava can damage the chemical properties of Kava, ruining the desired effects and leaving it unpleasant and ineffective.

Traditional Kava is gulped quickly to avoid the settling down of Kava’s active ingredients. Moreover, the other reason to swig Kava is its mildly bitter taste, so it’s better to finish it as quickly as possible. Using a Kava chaser also helps to get rid of the bitter taste. 

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Traditional grind Kava contains stiff fibers, which can result in nausea and stomach discomfort. That is why a straining bag must be used while preparing the traditional grind Kava, and why capsules are not a recommended form of consumption. Straining traditional Kava keeps the harmful fibers out of the water, leaving the Kava’s active ingredients in the Kava mixture.

As compared to the other forms of Kava, traditional Kava preparation required more powder. To make one standard serving, 2 to 4 tablespoons of Kava root powder is used.

Traditional Kava preparation is time-consuming compared to the other Kavas forms.

Instant Kava

Instant Kava is a dehydrated Kava tea that is prepared by dehydrating traditionally made Kava. 

The pre-washed root powder is mixed with warm filtered water. This mixture is then strained with the use of a straining cloth. That mixture is strained, kneaded, and squeezed repeatedly until it gets brown in color and a little bit oily because of the release of Kavalactones. This liquid is then dehydrated to make dry instant Kava powder.

Most people get confused between instant Kava and micronized Kava, but the preparation method of both these Kavas is different.

In order to enjoy instant Kava, it is mixed with some juices. Instant Kava is sipped slowly when mixed with juices. While drinking it slowly, it is necessary to stir it after some time to avoid the settling down of the insoluble ingredients. While preparing instant Kava, there is no need to leave the powder in water and then wait for Kavalactones to suspend in water.

Some people like to drink Kava by mixing it in water as they believe that mixing Kava powder in other juices ruins the effect of Kava. In that case, drink almost half the cup of Kava and then take some Kava chaser which can be fresh juice or slices of fresh fruits. The use of Kava chasers helps to get rid of the muddy taste of Kava. 

While having instant Kava mixed in just water, take breaks of 10 to 15 minutes to feel the effect of Kava.

To make one standard serving of instant Kava, just half a teaspoon is required. It gives the same effect as traditional Kava with 2-4 tablespoons of root Kava powder.

As the name refers, instant Kava can be prepared instantly anywhere, anytime.


Instant Kava is the dehydrated form of traditional Kava. The risk factors in traditional Kava are more as compared to instant Kava. Furthermore, the preparation of instant Kava is convenient, easy, and quick to get the desired effects. A little amount of instant Kava has a great impact.

Instant Kava can be used in different beverages or just in water with some chasers. There are a variety of instant Kava products, visit our store to choose the best, reliable traditional and instant Kava at a reasonable price. 


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