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Vanuatu Kava


Kava from Vanuatu is closest to the original Kava. Vanuatu is where most lineages of different Kava trace back to and is a good, balanced Kava. It’s not a very strong Kava which makes a great daytime and nighttime Kava tea.

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Vanuatu Kava is one of the great Kavas we are ecstatic to carry in our inventory. This Kava originates from humble beginnings and is from where the Kava lineages began.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Kava Root Powder is used to make a variety of drinks and teas for use in social environments that promote calmness and relaxation. 

The root comes from a plant called Piper Methysticum, a shrub with heart shaped leaves only found in parts of Fiji, other Pacific Island nations, and the state of Hawaii.

Waka is considered the root of the Kava plant. It is not mixed with any other parts of the plant and is responsible for the effects created. Waka Kava is the gold standard.

The process of creating kava tea is simple, mix powder with water, massage and mix thoroughly for approximately 5 minutes, then strain the powder through a mesh to leave you with the Kavalactone rich water.

Many people mix Kava with water using a blender to speed up the process and make it less labor intensive.

Micronized kava is so fine and micronized that straining is usually not needed nor desired by enthusiasts.

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