Rose Petal Sage Smudge Stick


Used throughout the world for generations, our elders have taught us that Rose Petal Sage promote spiritually healing properties that mustn’t be overlooked.

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Rose Petal Sage Sage , lovingly known as “Grandmother Sage” is a cleansing herb with existential and magical applications! Ceremonially used in cleansing and purification processes, Rose Petal Sage provides spiritual clarity, strength, and can be used to remove malevolent spirits from one’s physical space.

Our bundles of Rose Petal Sage Sacred Herbs are used in ceremonial rituals for the practice of cleansing energy, as well as enabling prosperity!  Rose Petal Sage is commonly said to bring good fortune, health, and success, as well as a deep calmness to your life.  Additionally, sage has antimicrobial properties and aids in removing up to 94% of airborne bacteria. 

Note: Because these are all hand wrapped they will vary in size and characteristics.



To begin the ceremonial process of cleansing with Rose Petal Sage (known as “smudging”), one must begin with clear intentions, what they wish to accomplish, or energy they seek to exorcize during the ceremony.

Next, open all the windows in order to allow the negative spirits to exit the space upon their contact with the Rose Petal Sage smoke.

Pick a place in the room, house, or intended space, to hold energetic ceremony.  There, have a heat safe dish for the Rose Petal Sage bundle where it can sit once lit. 

Clearing your mind and focusing your energy on your intentions, carefully light the Rose Petal Sage bundle at a 45 degree angle, allowing the leaves to burn without producing an open flame for long.  

Extinguish the flame, and let the smoldering Rose Petal Sage create an aromatic cleansing smoke.  Gently blowing on the smoldering embers spread the smoke throughout the space you wish to cleanse of energies and spirits, holding true to your initial intentions.

Upon sensing an “energy shift” to your satisfaction, supervise the smoldering Rose Petal Sage until fully extinguished.  Repeat the ceremony as desired!

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