Palo Santo – Natural Wood Incense Sticks


Amazing Natural Aroma from Natural Palo Santo wood. Each purchase comes with approximately 2oz (comprised of 4 pieces) of Palo Santo wood. Enrich your Kava drinking experience by setting an atmosphere with some Palo Santo.

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Known for its incredible existential strength and luscious aromatic bouquet, Palo Santo is a natural wood which accordingly translates to “Holy Wood”.  It has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Andes and a potent existential, spiritual, and cleansing incense

Used by shamans for thousands of years, Palo Santo is used to spiritually heal, remove negative spirits and misfortune, as well as usher in positive spirits and luck!

Palo Santo is harvested from fallen branches that have lied detached from the tree for 4-10 years which allows them to be thoroughly dry and ready for their existential practice.

Weight2 oz