Micronized Tongan Kava


Earthy Tongan Kava with balanced properties. Micronized Kava is extremely finely ground Kava Root Powder that dissolves in water easily due to how fine it is.

Our Fiji kava is truly a gift from the earth! Our pure Fijian kava is hand procured by our local Fijian farmers, who pay very close attention to plant quality and maturity. This premium Fijian kava root powder is naturally matured for over 4 years! It is strong, smooth, and an excellent drink to have when trying to calm the mind and relax your muscles at the end of the day. In small doses it’s perfect for soothing the soul, and when taken in larger quantities it is perfect for heavy body relaxation. Either way, Fijian kava is an extraordinary strand of mother nature’s gift of Kava!

Fijian kava features: *

  • Robust & earthy flavor
  • Noticeable Kava Traits
  • Quality Relaxing Preparation
  • Ideal for Social Gatherings
  • Quality is our priority!

Kava Direct works hand-in-hand with independently owned kava farms. All Kava is lab-tested for quality, safety, and great Kavalactones results. Please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below, or contact us via our contact form, as we value your opinion!

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