Micronized Kadavu Noble Kava



Micronized Kava is extremely finely ground Kava Root Powder that dissolves in water easily due to how fine it is. Stronger than traditional Kava, this is a crowd favorite.

Fiji Kava Root Powder (Premium)

Kadavu Kava is how Kava Direct chose to start off and was our very first product. We thought if we were to enter the market, let us bring the best we can find, and after searching in Fiji for a very long time, this was it. 

Our pure Fijian kava is hand procured by our local Fijian farmers, who pay very close attention to plant quality and maturity. This premium Fijian kava root powder is naturally matured for over 6 years! It is strong, smooth, and excellent for calming the mind and relaxing your muscles at the end of the day. In small doses it’s perfect for soothing the soul, and when taken in larger quantities it is perfect for heavy body relaxation. Either way, Fijian kava is an extraordinary strand of mother nature’s gift of Kava!

Kava Taste

If you’re a first time Kava enthusiast, you’ll learn that all Kava is bitter by nature. It has an earthy aroma that is quite nice and unique to Kava. Kava sessions usually have something called “chasers” to follow up with after a serving to counteract the bitterness. Chasers include things like citrus fruits, nuts, and candy. Check out our Top 10 Best Kava Chasers if you’re interested.

Kadavu Kava is the strongest of the Kavas we carry and we believe it will remain that way for a long time.

Noble Kava Features

Noble Kava for the most part is only acquired in Fiji, Vanuatu, and sometimes Hawaii. It is the standard for quality kava because it’s the kava that’s been used in ceremonies for over a millennium. It conforms to certain chemotypes that people enjoy and doesn’t have the pitfalls that cheaper Tudei Kava has.

Micronized Kava

Micronized Kava is extensively ground & pounded root. This is to get the absolute maximum out of your kava tea serving. A lot of kava is usually washed away and remnants of kavalactones that remain usually get discarded. With micronized kava, that isn’t the case since all of the kava is still there.

The best part of all this, is that because it’s so fine, it mixes with water very well even though the kava itself is technically oil based.

Traditional vs Micronized Kava
Guaranteed Fijian Kava

Fijian Kava

Our Kava comes directly from Fiji, the true source of all quality kava. We’ve tested our kava to be true noble variety through the testing of its chemotype. 

All Fijian Kava Properties :

  • Robust & earthy flavor
  • Noticeable Kava Traits
  • Quality Relaxing Preparation
  • Ideal for Social Gatherings

Quality is our priority!

Kava Direct works hand-in-hand with independently owned kava farms.  All Kava is lab-tested for quality, safety, and great Kavalactones results. We value your opinion!

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