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Micronized Kava

Our Micronized Kava is top quality and ready to be shipped out from our warehouses in USA. Micronized Kava is a spin on traditional kava, the main difference being that it is so finely ground that it practically dissolves in water and there is nothing to strain. If you wish to experience a truly traditional experience, prepare Kava using our coarse traditional kava powder.

Our Micronized Kava Products

Fijian Noble Kava

Micronized Kava Properties and why you might pick it over traditional medium grind

Micronized Kava is very finely ground kava root to the extent that it mixes with water very well. This is still the same natural traditional kava, only in a finer form factor. There are no additives of any sort nor any kind of chemical processes to get this form factor.

The finer form factor makes it for great quick kava preparation if you don’t have the time to prepare kava the traditional method. Mix it with water and you’re ready to go.

Kava tea is stronger because the Kava that would otherwise be discarded as unusable because of size in the traditional medium grind is all included. Be sure to adjust how much micronized kava is used when making a cup of kava tea. Much less is needed for the same strength of tea.