Recently, Kava has gained utmost recognition due to its health-related attributes and benefits. South Pacific natives consume the Kava drink as a mandatory aperitif. Made from the roots of the Kava plant, this drink promotes feelings of wellbeing. While promoting euphoric effects, this herb elevates mood and reduces anxiety.

Muddy and bitter, the Kava drink is laden with benefits. It reduces stress and promotes healthy sleeping patterns. Loaded with sedative properties, Kava is classified as a depressant drug as it delays the interaction between brain and body. The effects of Kava vary from person to person, depending on weight, health, and drug resistance.

Relaxing effect

One of the most widely known effects of Kava is its relaxing and anticonvulsant properties. Kava slows down the flow of messages between brain and body, which eventually stagnates muscle tension and promotes muscle relaxation. Its calming attributes work just like calming medicines and help reduce muscle spasms and muscle tension. 

Pain Killer

Kava alters brain waves to produce effects similar to that of painkillers. Extracts from Kava are components of several pain-relieving medicines that help reduce migraines, joint aches, and backache.

Kava works wonders for nociceptive pain. This type of pain occurs when nerve cells get activated by trauma to the body. Kava helps relieve nociceptive pain by altering brain wave patterns. These altered patterns fail to inform our pain receptors about the pain, due to which the pain sensation gets reduced. 


The significant benefit of consuming Kava is the reduction in anxiety and stress. Kava consumers report that they had symptoms of nervous anxiety, tension, and restlessness. They felt significant improvements after taking Kava for about a month. Moreover, Kava may work as a natural substitute for anti-anxiety drugs and is less addictive than such sleep medications.


Nowadays, many people suffer from sleep difficulties. The cause of these sleep problems varies from person to person. People usually consume medicines to improve their sleep quality and patterns. Excessive use of such medication may lead to long-term side effects.

Kava works as an excellent substitute for sleep-improving medicines. It even cures insomnia and promotes deep sleep. In 2012, a review on the efficacy of Herbal Remedies for managing insomnia was conducted. According to this review, Kava was concluded as one of the fourteen natural remedies for reducing insomnia.

Mood Stabilizer

Extracts from Kava such as Kavapyrones work as exceptional mood stabilizers and mood enhancers. Kavapyrones act as potential substitutes for mood disorder medications.

Kava also acts as a mood booster and is considered a potential remedy for depression and low mood symptoms. Though it can affect oppositely if taken in excess.


An extract from Kava named “FlavoKawain A” exhibits exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and is used in medicines that help reduce inflammation. It is also used in skincare products to ease skin irritation due to inflammation.

Hair growth

Some hair growth specialists suggest that Kava aids in growing long and healthy hair. Different sources confirm that Kava leads to reduced hair fall and hair strengthening. 

Additionally, Kava relaxes brain and hair roots when applied with oil. This relaxation of the brain leads to hair growth and hair follicle nourishment.

Nausea and Stomach issues

Stomach problems and nausea are the side effects of Kava. If Kava is taken in large quantities for a long time, these effects may occur. Therefore, excess Kava intake should be avoided.

Cough and Cold

Kava is extremely helpful in the treatment of cough, flu, and cold. People having symptoms of cold often take Kava steam to reduce mucus and respiratory infections. It works as a natural remedy for treating colds and coughs. Steam of Kava helps in curing infections in the respiratory tract.

Cures Toothache

Kava is naturally laden with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are useful in relieving toothache. People having a toothache may find relief if they chew dried Kava root for a few minutes to treat the pain.

Kava is also great for curing tooth infections and cavities. It acts as a relaxant for gums and teeth. It is also used in mouthwash to treat different mouth sores.

Final words

The benefits of Kava outweigh its side effects as it is a natural remedy for different medical conditions. It is a potential substitute for several anticonvulsants, anti-anxiety, muscle relaxants, and pain killer supplements. It is advisable to take no more than 70 milligrams of Kava powder per day to avoid the side effects.

Consultation with your doctor is recommended. By following the safety precautions, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a Kava drink. If you are interested in buying Kava, visit our store to select from a wide range of Kava varieties. 



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