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Why Does Kava Root Age Matter?

Kava Root The word “Kava” is derived from the term “kawaRi” which means “bitter root”. Kava is used as a recreational and ceremonial beverage. In the past, Kava beverages were considered to be a royal drink. Nowadays,  Kava beverages are used to assist in reducing anxiety by drinking it in good company. Kavalactone Effects on […]

Different Types of Kava

Kava is a herbal drink that many people use for boosting their sleep, and assisting in relieving anxiety and stress. However, there are two schools of thought regarding its positive and negative impacts. But according to research, Noble Kava is relatively well tolerated and non-addictive if taken in an appropriate form and dosage. There has […]

Difference between Traditional Kava and Instant Kava

People use Kava in different forms. Many people like to go through the preparation process of traditional kava, while some like to save time and prefer instant Kava. The main effects of Kava depend on the strength and effectiveness of the plant, cultivar, and the consumption method of Kava. Despite the slightly bitter flavor of […]

Difference between Traditional Kava & Micronized Kava

There are a lot of questions people ask about traditional and micronized Kavas. Most people want to know about the difference between traditional and micronized Kavas. Some people even question the difference in taste and potency of Kava depending on the type of Kava they consume. These kinds of questions are normally asked by Kava […]

10 Best Chasers for Kava Drinks

Kava Chasers Generally, most people experience a bitter and unpleasant flavor of Kava when it comes to taste. Different Kava products have different tastes and aromas depending on the quality and process of making Kava. Certain Kava products have unique, interesting, and pleasing tastes, while others have a pungent and bitter taste.  Most Kava drinkers […]

What Are Kavalactones?

Kavalactones are the active ingredients in Kava. They are found in the plant’s root and rootstock. These Kavalactones are responsible for the calming and psychoactive properties of Kava.  The Kava plant is produced using selective breeding methods. Due to this, different cultivars possess different compositions and concentrations of Kavalactones. The concentration can be improved with […]

Kava Chemotypes

Kava Chemotypes refer to different combinations of chemicals present in the Kava plant. The chemotypes are represented with a six-number sequence corresponding to the primary Kavalactones desired in Kava. Even though there are 720 ways to rearrange the six numbers, only around 18 sequences have been found in Kava. Among these eighteen different Kavalactones, only […]

What are the effects of Kava?

Recently, Kava has gained utmost recognition due to its health-related attributes and benefits. South Pacific natives consume the Kava drink as a mandatory aperitif. Made from the roots of the Kava plant, this drink promotes feelings of wellbeing. While promoting euphoric effects, this herb elevates mood and reduces anxiety. Muddy and bitter, the Kava drink […]

Is Kava a Safer Alternative to Alcohol?

Some of the most frequently asked questions are how is Kava different from alcohol, and if it can be used as an alcohol substitute. In this article, we’re looking at the differences between Alcohol and Kava, and discuss advantages and disadvantages, and why Kava should be considered a safer alternative to Alcohol. Kava, also referred […]

What is the history of Kava?

Origin Of Kava Unveiling the history of Kava’s origin is like a mystery. There is no proven history for the origin of Kava. Still, it is believed to originate from Northern Vanuatu on the island “Maewo.” this hypothesis is supported by the fact that Vanuatu hosts the most varieties of Kava. Many thousands of years […]

Kava Powder in Scoop

Kava Beginner Guide

Kava Root Powder is used to make a variety of drinks and teas for use in social environments that promote calmness and relaxation.  The root comes from a plant called Piper Methysticum, a shrub with heart shaped leaves only found in parts of Fiji, other Pacific Island nations, and Hawaii. The process of creating kava […]

Kava Tea

How to make and prepare kava tea?

If you are looking for anxiety-relieving process to enjoy with a beverage, then Kava tea must be one of your prime choices. Kava tea or Kava Kava is one of the oldest herbal drinks with sedative properties that Fijians and people of Vanuatu have been enjoying for centuries. Kava tea has been widely used in […]

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