Kava Chasers

Generally, most people experience a bitter and unpleasant flavor of Kava when it comes to taste. Different Kava products have different tastes and aromas depending on the quality and process of making Kava. Certain Kava products have unique, interesting, and pleasing tastes, while others have a pungent and bitter taste. 

Most Kava drinkers try to find ways by which they can enjoy the effects of Kava to its fullest and avoid the unpleasant taste of Kava as well. They use different methods, either by adding different flavors or preparing it in milk or coconut milk instead of water. 

All the above procedures affect the realness of Kava and its unique taste, so most people prefer chasers to avoid the bitter and unpleasant taste of Kava without affecting its traditional preparation process. Kava Chasers are some kinds of beverages or snacks that people like to have while drinking Kava to avoid the pungent flavor of kava.

10 Best Kava Chasers

Different fruits are used as the Kava chasers in different countries, depending on the Kava drinkers and their preferences. Using fruits as kava chasers is a healthy choice as it doesn’t affect the purpose of Kava. Taking bites of fruits helps beginners in the absorption of Kava’s ingredients. 

Following are some Kava chasers used and recommended worldwide.

1) Orange

At the top of the list, we have oranges that are the best and most loved Kava chasers. Kava lovers enjoy orange slices while having Kava. 

Oranges are rich in vitamin C and are the best source to keep yourself hydrated. Moreover, oranges also have antioxidant properties and, combined with Kava, produce more relaxing effects. 

2) Apple and Pear

One of the top favorite and recommended Kava chasers by experienced Kava drinkers is the bite of an apple. Especially in New Zealand, apples and pears serve the purpose of Kava chasers. 

These fruits help to stimulate the digestion and absorption of Kava’s active ingredients. Moreover, these are healthy chasers and don’t ruin the unique taste and blend of Kava.

3) Mango

In tropical areas, mango is one of the best Kava chasers. Who doesn’t like mangoes? So, the combination of Kava’s soothing effect and taste of mango gives an incredible feeling of enjoying Kava with its traditional nature.

4) Pineapple

In order to avoid the bitterness and numbness of the throat after having Kava, slices of pineapple are used as one of the best Kava chasers. 

Most people like to have fresh pineapple slices between the gulps of Kava, but few use the dried ones. It is healthy and fulfills the purpose of a Kava chaser.

5) Papaya

Few people like to have papaya as a Kava chaser as it changes the tongue’s taste after drinking kava, stimulates the digestion of kava’s ingredients, and increases its effectiveness. 

6) Strong Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are used as a healthy way to get rid of stomach distress. These are also used as Kava chasers to avoid stomach ache after having Kava, as few people might experience stomach discomfort after drinking kava. In addition, it also speeds up the effects of kava as the kavalactones can easily pass through the stomach due to heat. 

The preferable herbal teas as kava chasers are prepared using kawakawa, peppermint, and ginger. Some people like to have a mixture of these herbal teas as well.

7) Fresh Fruit Juices

Another best way to enjoy Kava in its full potential is to drink it with fresh fruit juices as Kava chasers. To make fruit juice as a chaser, try to avoid adding sugar and other additional flavors to the juice; otherwise, it may result in obesity and high blood sugar levels.

8) Lollipops and Candies

Few people like to have lollipops or Chinese lollies and candies as Kava chasers as it helps in changing the tongue’s taste and doesn’t affect the effects of Kava’s active ingredients. 

9) Mixed Beans

Many people use snacks like mixed beans as Kava chasers. The salty taste of mixed beans compliments the bitter taste of Kava.

10) Carbonated Beverages

Some people like to have carbonated beverages as Kava chasers. It gives a sweet taste, but it’s not one of the healthy kava chasers. Carbonated drinks get a little too heavy on the stomach, and many kava drinkers avoid choosing these drinks as their Kava chaser.


Adding flavors to the Kava changes its traditional uniqueness, so the best alternative is to use Kava chasers. Kava chasers are of different kinds; some are healthy and natural, while others are not good and cause various health problems. 

So, the recommended way to drink kava is to have it with healthy chasers, either some slices of fruits, juices, or tea. You can order Kava from our store as we deliver high-quality Kava in an affordable price range. 


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